New product releases

Discover what we’ve been working on to make Peerdom a better product. There's usually a new release every second week.

2 days ago (Nov 17th 2021)

Adding yourself to another organisation just got easier

We've made it easier to add yourself as a peer to a new organisation. If you create a new, independent organisation, you can go to the peer drop down menu and directly add yourself as a peer.


Visual contribution bar on your profile

If you activate the Contribution app, everyone gets a visual contribution bar on their peer profile. This bar shows the sum of your contribution across roles compared to your total available contribution.

16 days ago (Nov 3rd 2021)

New App: Goals

Align and motivate your team by adding strategic goals to roles and role groups. Track your progress towards achievement across the whole organisation with a visual overview on your map.


A personal journal for each peer

For organisations with the Journal App enabled, each peer profile now includes a personalised history of all activity for that peer.

A full role holding history is available

A few releases ago, the Journal App was updated to include previous roles on one's peer profile. The previous role section has been expanded to include roles which no longer exist on your live map.

Journal app includes Contribution changes

Get your whole team up to speed on time commitment changes. In addition to announcing when a role was taken on or left, the Journal now also highlights contribution changes in roles.

a month ago (Oct 21st 2021)

A new look for the App Store

The App pages in our App Store got a new look. Get a better idea of what each App adds to your personal Peerdom map with the top functionalities listed.

2 months ago (Sep 22nd 2021)

Previously held roles are on the peer profile

Relive and learn from one's unique path through the roles they've previously held. Just visit a peer's profile and expand the new "Previously held roles" section to see one's historical contributions to your organisation.

Overview all peers who hold a mirrored role across the organisation

Mirrored roles are linked together and scattered across your organisation. Now you can see all role holders across the organisation by clicking on the "Mirrored with" link.


Track contribution with a visual bar

A bar on the peer profile indicates if the sum of individual role contributions is more or less than one's total expected contribution. This is useful for tracking if one is overworking or has additional capacity.


2 months ago (Sep 9th 2021)

Assuring peer profile address anonymisation

We have tightened privacy even further for peer profiles: Visitors who browse an anonymised map cannot figure out a person's name from the profile address.

Flexibly copy and move parts of one map to another

The Drafts App allows you to work on multiple maps at once. Do you like a particular part of your draft design? Copy specific areas of a draft map to the published map. Or the other way around: Copy parts of your live map to any of your drafts!

Choose to copy a role with or without holders

Save yourself some manual work when duplicating a role or circle. When copying a them, you're now able to maintain role holders.

Create a new organisation from a draft

Use your previous learnings and spin-off an entirely new organisation from one of your drafts. Your new organisation will have its own Peerdom link and you as thee initial map owner. Click the (...) on any draft, then select "Publish as new organisation".

Organisation settings in the navigation bar

To make navigation more intuitive, we have added the organisation settings to the navigation sidebar. In the organisation settings, you can update your organisation name, export data, fix how you format names, and much more.


Switch between your organisations

If you have access to more than one Peerdom organisation, you can now simply extend the profile menu and switch to any of your organisations.


Guest accounts have well defined limits

Guest accounts are free in Peerdom. We made these accounts even more useful by allowing Guests to see the Map, role descriptions, and peers without restriction. Guests can also visit any peer's profile and see their full name and picture. They are unable to see other personal information such as birthdate or email.

3 months ago (Aug 26th 2021)

Change role contributions from your profile

Update how much you contribute to each role directly on your profile. The profile also now highlights roles where you contribute (green) and those where there's no contribution (red). Check the sum of your contributions against your total attendance to balance your workload.

Archive drafts

Time to tidy up your draft desk! Keep your draft space clean by archiving all of those organisation designs that did not make the cut. Don't worry, you can always bring them back later if you wish to unarchive.

Projects are now visualised on the map

All ongoing projects are now drawn directly on the map, surrounding the roles. Clicking on a project reveals the project details and highlights all involved roles.


Export map data

Your data is all yours: Export all data you've ever put into Peerdom. Choose between Excel, CSV or JSON format.

3 months ago (Aug 11th 2021)

Set your default email client

Does your organisation use Microsoft Outlook? Change your default email client in the organisation settings page to properly format group emails sent from Peerdom to roles and circles.

Added role focus to your peer profile

Your peer profile shows all the roles you hold and now also highlights any role focus you may have on that role.


Peerdom prints pretty

Until now, contributions were only displayed for individual roles. Now you can see the total contribution of all roles in a group (circle).

4 months ago (Jul 28th 2021)

Configure how you display peer names

How does your team refer to one another? You can now choose how you display peer names in the organisation settings. Choose your favourite order of first, last, and nicknames.

Your contribution in hours and FTE

The Contribution App lets you define percentage involvement per role and per peer. You can now change the contribution type to be measured in hours or FTE (full-time equivalents).

How much does your circle contribute?

Until now, contributions were only displayed for individual roles. Now you can see the total contribution of all roles in a group (circle).


Improving data privacy

We've tightened our safety framework by preventing external backend queries aiming to decipher the names of anonymised Peerdom users.

4 months ago (Jul 14th 2021)

Your projects on your peer profile

We have expanded your peer profile to include not only your roles and mission statement. Now, you can also view the projects you are working on directly from your personal profile.


The Missions app got a new look

It has been some time since we have brushed up on the Missions app. This release it got some love and here it is with a fresh look.


Projects without members now wear stripes

You only added empty roles to your project and plan to do so later? The projects where you have not assigned role holders yet stand out and remind you that they are still missing.


5 months ago (Jul 1st 2021)

Sketch out project roles before deciding who contributes

You might know which roles you need in your project, but sometimes you don't know yet who will do it. Now you can add empty roles to a project and choose the role holder later depending on their availability and eagerness.

Select a Project Representative

You can now define a single point of contact for a project. This representative might for example be a project coordinator, leader, or spokesperson.

Tight budget? Limited access guest accounts are here

Peerdom brings your organisation the most value when you map your whole team. For those colleagues that rarely consult Peerdom, we now offer free guest accounts with restricted functionality.

Restricting access to sensitive data

We've improved data privacy by preventing backend queries to return any personal information hidden on anonymised or public maps.

5 months ago (Jun 17th 2021)

Project groups

The Projects app got some love with this release: Keep your projects organised by putting them into groups.


Drag and drop projects into groups

You've had enough of selecting from drop down menus? Simply drag and drop your projects into the group they belong to.

5 months ago (Jun 7th 2021)

¡Hola a todos!

Ahora también puedes usar Peerdom en español. ¡Únete a nosotros!

Add more details to your projects

Projects do not last forever. Extend them with a start, end and archived date to optimise planning.

Free Apps

Did you know that some of our apps are free? They are now marked to stand out in the App Store.


6 months ago (May 25th 2021)

Enable or disable map sharing

You decide if your map can be shared. Owners can now allow creation of shared links in their organisational settings.

Make your organisation public

Did you know you know you can make your organisation public? To allow anyone to view your organisation owners can set their map to public in the organisation settings.

Elections app weekly reminders

Staying on top of elections just got a lot easier: Affected circles are now getting an email one week before an election is due.

6 months ago (May 7th 2021)

App Store launch

You are looking to expand the Peerdom map to reflect your organisation's needs even better? Check out the App Store to find the app that could be useful to you: Projects, Journal, mission and many more, including regular new additions.


Be it peer, role, circle or organisation – avoid clicking through circles or scrolling through peer lists by searching directly for key words.


Elections app is here

Democratise your organisation making roles electable and electing the holder for a given term. Keep track of election dates and get a notification when the re-election is due.

7 months ago (Apr 8th 2021)

Another way to set a roles as representative

Representative roles have a special status, for instance as spokespeople or leaders of a circle. Now you can go to the role, edit it and set it as a representative.

8 months ago (Mar 25th 2021)

Ciao tutti!

Peerdom può ora essere usato anche in italiano. Unisciti a noi!

Network app users, your organisation overview dashboard now includes mini maps to get a sneak peek the maps of your connections.

Custom fields for peer profiles are here

Personalize your organisation's peer profiles even further by adding a section to the peer profile header with additional information.

8 months ago (Mar 15th 2021)

Sort roles on the peer profile

Looking for a particular role on a peer's profile? You can now sort roles in alphabetical order, or if the Contribution app is enabled, sort by one's contribution percentage.

Anonymise personal data

Making your map public or sharing it via a link exposes names, photos and role assignments. You can now anonymise all personal data by hiding names and blurring photos.

Create private drafts

Copy your current map into a private draft to experiment behind the scenes. Your private draft will remain hidden until you share it with others.

9 months ago (Feb 25th 2021)

See whether your organisation is public or private

Organisations can be set to private or public, depending on how much information you want to share. The public/private status is now available in your organisation overview.

Owners can publish drafts

Replace your live map with a draft by publishing. Publishing drafts is reserved for users with Owner access.

New profile page layout

Your profile page is looking all fresh and pretty with a new layout!

9 months ago (Feb 10th 2021)

Draft out a new organisation design with the Drafts App

Play around with new ways to structure your organisation, new roles, or new color schemes. Start mapping your ideas on a draft and then put it there for all to see!

Easy navigation between maps with mini-maps

Your organisation overview dashboard now includes mini maps to better represent your organisations with their unique colors and structure.

Looking for someone in particular? Avoid scrolling through long lists by searching directly for your peers.

10 months ago (Jan 29th 2021)

Add roles, peers, or organisations from anywhere

We've simplified adding new roles, circles, peers, projects, and organisations by collecting everything into a single, global addition menu.on, new roles, or new color schemes. Start mapping your ideas on a draft and then put it there for all to see!

10 months ago (Jan 14th 2021)

Connect with others via the Network app

Create a network of organisations! Add other organisations to your map by connecting to branch offices, partners, suppliers and clients. Learn from one another, share knowledge, and exchange resources - across organisations.