Peerdom Apps

Apps are building blocks that add additional functionality to your map. Keep things simple and pick those which address your organisation's current needs.


Share personal mission statements to align

Individuals are asked to reflect, write and share their personal mission statement. This simple exercise builds confidence and helps in daily decision-making. Then, browse all mission statements to learn what makes your team tick.
Display a personal mission on your peer profile
Browse all peer missions to learn what drives your team


Join together to get concrete tasks done

Collaborate as a team of roles from across your organisation to achieve a specific objective. Define your project, link to project management tools, assemble your team, and archive projects when you got the job done.
Assemble a project team from roles across the organisation
Visualise all ongoing projects on your map
Visualise the roles connected to a project
Link to project management tools, define a timeline and a project representative
Archive projects or revive them at any time


Learn from the past to shape a better future

<i>Scientia potential est:</i> Knowledge is power. The Journal app adds history to Peerdom. Make informed decisions by keeping up to date a full timeline of decisions and activity taking place across the organisation. Avoid information loss by displaying people who used to hold a role.
Read a shared newsfeed of all activity across your organisation
Discover previous role holders for any role, including the dates it was held
Complete your profile with a history of roles you previously held


See your organisation as you’ve never seen it before

An interactive map to confidently navigate through an unpredictable world. Help your team integrate across silos and make knowledgable decisions by sharing the big picture. Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy by finding and directly contacting the right peer for the job - no matter where they are in your entire organisation. The Map app is automatically activated for every organisation.
Rapidly map your organisation and share it with colleagues
See who holds what roles across the organisation
Find what you are looking for with a direct search
Describe roles with a purpose and responsibilities
See your roles and responsibilities in a personalised profile
Directly contact role holders, or entire groups of roles via email


Safely simulate and experiment with your organisation’s future

Start from scratch or copy your entire map to a sandbox where you can experiment with different ways to organise. Keep your work private until you share the draft with colleagues. When ready, publish a draft to replace your live map.
Copy your live map to a draft to experiment with alternative designs
Flexibly copy and move objects from your live map to a draft, or vice-versa
Experiment in privacy, and share your draft when ready
Publish your draft as the new live map
Archive or revive unused drafts


Create a healthy, continuous feedback culture

Send and request spontaneous, peer-to-peer feedback without the need for intermediaries or waiting for annual reviews. Because feedback targets an individual’s work within a specific role, it helps peers grow in exactly the right places to find their best fit in the organisation.
Send role-to-role, contextual feedback to anyone in the organisation
Give or request spontaneous feedback at any time of the year
Browse all sent and received feedback on your peer profile


Define strategic goals for roles and groups of roles
Divide goals into subgoals
Track progress as a percentage, target amounts, or binary completion
See goal progress across the whole organisation as a map layer
Compatible with KPI and OKR goal frameworks


Balance workloads and see how peers divide their time

Find equilibrium in how you distribute your efforts across your roles. Frame expectations and identify time-intensive roles by attaching work percentages to each role for each person. Each peer's profile page is updated to include a percentage engagement in each role.
Add your contributions to roles to indicate how you divide your time
Check the sum of your contributions against your total contribution to the organisation
See where and how much contribution peers, roles, and entire teams make
Measure contribution as percentages, hours per week, or FTE


Share resources and learn across organisations

Map your relationship to other organisations in your network including your supply chain, partners, and clients. By connecting to another Peerdom organisation, you can access one another’s map. For larger organisations, you may want to connect branches or departments. For smaller organisations, you may want to pool resources by joining forces with partners. Choose how much information you wish to share by setting a trust level.
Invite partners, suppliers, clients, and like-minded organisations to your network
Choose a trust level to determine what you share with each connection
Visualise your organisational ecosystem
Easily navigate between organisations in your network


Keep things fresh by choosing the best candidate for a role

Add a democratic touch to your organisation and mark any role on your map as electable. Before role assignment, the team can vote for the role holder and set a term limit. Keep on top of your voting duties with a timeline of upcoming and overdue elections.
Set election dates for any role
See a timeline of upcoming and overdue elections
Receive reminders for upcoming elections