Peerdom Apps

Apps are building blocks that add additional functionality to your map. Keep things simple and pick those which address your organisation's current needs.


  • Display a personal mission on your peer profile
  • Browse all peer missions to learn what drives your team


  • Assemble a project team from roles across the organisation
  • Visualise all ongoing projects on your map
  • Visualise the roles connected to a project
  • Link to project management tools, define a timeline and a project representative
  • Archive projects or revive them at any time


  • See on your map which roles have been left most frequently with a role turnover overlay
  • The Insights App will automatically install the Journal App to access historical data


  • Read a shared newsfeed of all activity across your organisation
  • Discover previous role holders for any role, including the dates it was held
  • Complete your profile with a history of roles you previously held


  • Rapidly map your organisation and share it with colleagues
  • See who holds what roles across the organisation
  • Find what you are looking for with a direct search
  • Describe roles with a purpose and responsibilities
  • See your roles and responsibilities in a personalised profile
  • Directly contact role holders, or entire groups of roles via email


  • Copy your live map to a draft to experiment with alternative designs
  • Flexibly copy and move objects from your live map to a draft, or vice-versa
  • Experiment in privacy, and share your draft when ready
  • Publish your draft as the new live map
  • Archive or revive unused drafts


  • Send role-to-role, contextual feedback to anyone in the organisation
  • Give or request spontaneous feedback at any time of the year
  • Browse all sent and received feedback on your peer profile


  • Define strategic goals for roles and groups of roles
  • Divide goals into subgoals
  • Track progress as a percentage, target amounts, or as an incomplete/complete task
  • See goal progress across the whole organisation as a map layer
  • Compatible with KPI and OKR goal frameworks


  • Add your contributions to roles to indicate how you divide your time
  • Check the sum of your contributions against your total contribution to the organisation
  • See where and how much contribution peers, roles, and entire teams make
  • Measure contribution as percentages, hours per week, or FTE


  • Invite partners, suppliers, clients, and like-minded organisations to your network
  • Choose a trust level to determine what you share with each connection
  • Visualise your organisational ecosystem
  • Easily navigate between organisations in your network


  • Set election dates for any role
  • See a timeline of upcoming and overdue elections
  • Receive reminders for upcoming elections