Peerdom Apps

Peerdom is even more powerful with additional Apps. Pick and choose what best helps your team.

the Goals App

KPIs, OKRs, SMART goals, MBOs: you can set them all in Peerdom. Make your goals meaningful and visible by displaying them on your map.

the Insights App

Calculating staff turnover and retention rate becomes easy with Peerdom. Take advantage of your historical data for better HR decision-making.

the Projects App

Assemble the perfect project team from your role list and visualize your project portfolio on your Peerdom map. Experience efficiency, by design.

the Drafts App

Finding the perfect visualization for your oganization takes time. The Drafts App allows you to easily (co-)create alternatives to your current organizational form.

the Feedback App

Continuous feedback replaces the dreaded end-of-year evaluation. Identify tensions early, find solutions together and cultivate a culture of openness.

the Journal App

Navigating organizational oceans can be tricky. That's why we've given the Peerdom map a logbook to look back on and learn from.

the Missions App

Employees don't join a company just for the benefits: they also contribute to a bigger purpose. The Missions App allows peers to state what's important to them.

the Contribution App

The Contribution App lets you add your contribution as percentage, hours per week or FTE to each one of your roles. Communicate your availability effectively to your peers for better teamwork.

the Network App

Partners, suppliers, clients: you can add them all to your network. Share information, best practices and contact information with like-minded organizations.

the Elections App

Make peer-to-peer elections easy for sociocracy and other organizational forms. Try out the Elections App today for a little more democracy.