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See your organisation
as you’ve never seen it before.

Peerdom provides your team a map to confidently navigate through an unpredictable world.
Join us in the quest to eliminate bureaucracy and directly contribute to the work that matters most.

Why Peerdom?

Peerdom displaying an entire organisastion Peerdom displaying an entire organisastion

Seeing is understanding

  • Visualise and interact with job roles for big-picture insights
  • Orient your team to purpose by defining what you do and what you don't do
  • Quickly onboard new team members
Peerdom displaying one circle and information about its team Peerdom displaying one circle and information about its team

Innovation on collaboration

  • Create a shared reference of who does what, why, and when
  • Provide decision-making clarity by making explicit who can make which decisions
  • Experiment with fresh ideas. Leverage the power of a networked organisation
Peerdom displaying the easy admin tool Peerdom displaying the easy admin tool

Simple. Adaptable.

  • Lightweight, intuitive, & modular. Reveal complexity only when it makes sense with Peerdom Apps
  • Agnostic and flexible. Pave your own path and don't force in processes that don't fit
  • Rapid mapping. Change colors, duplicate, move, and update in just three clicks

Our commitment

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  • Sustainability
    Peerdom is hosted on 100% green-matched energy.
  • Serious about data privacy
    We do not and will not share your data with third parties.
  • No vendor lock-in
    Export and delete your data at any time.

Trusted by future-oriented organisations worldwide

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Picture of Regina Meier

We are fans. Peerdom helps us a lot, especially now that we are all working remotely and collaborating digitally... Without Peerdom it would be unthinkable to forward our organisation's development!”

Regina Meier, Senior accountant at Greenpeace

“Finally! I see how this will be a game changer for our Velocracy model and our collaboration in the circles.”

Michel Ducommun, Director at Velafrica

Picture of Michel Ducommun
Picture of Bernard Dupasquier

“Peerdom perfectly meets our needs: lightweight and very easy to use, it allows us to see our organisation as we have never seen it before.”

Bernard DuPasquier, Director at Bread for all

“Peerdom brings transparency and clarity to our organisation, and provides a great starting point for internal discussions on how to further develop our organisation. It's a lot of fun to use, too. A+ on all levels!”

Delia Imboden, Communications & Operations Manager at INNOArchitects AG

Picture of Delia Imboden
Picture of Christophe Barman

"Peerdom is a user-friendly tool that helped us make our organizational model tangible. Our 90+ Loycomates got used to it in only a few days and new employees say they are immediately oriented, in contrast to what took them years in their previous organisations!"

Christophe Barman, Ex-CEO at Loyco