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Find what and who you need in your organisation.

Out with the unhelpful organigrams, in with the work map. Peerdom is the only tool you need to navigate the challenges of collaboration.

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The shortest path to information within any organisation.

Where am I?

Get a clearer picture of all roles and departments that make up your organisation. Zoom in to see familiar faces, zoom out to explore the network of partners that surround you.

Designing your organization in Peerdom also gives you the possibility to switch from job positions to roles and transition from a hierarchical organization to a flatter structure, like a DAO.

Who do I go to?

Gone are the days you didn't know who to contact for your awesome new project: Peerdom maps everyone's responsibilities and accountabilities. Leave obscure job titles aside, drop the infinite Cc list and discover people's real work on their profile.

Peerdom is especially beloved by distributed and hybrid teams. We know it can be difficult to connect your team or welcome new hires remotely: Peerdom makes onboarding incredibly easier and faster.

What's the fastest route?

Peerdom connects you to real-time, up-to-date shared information and eliminates silos between teams, impacting your entire employee lifecycle with:

  • onboard talents in 1-2 days instead of multiple weeks

  • match employee skills with job in seconds for more efficient project team creation

  • distribute work quickly and remotely without waiting days for meetings

  • pain-free offboarding of leaving employees without losing information in the process

Don't know where to get started? Read our mapping guide.

What makes Peerdom great

✔ Intuitive, easy-to-use interface that lets you learn as you build

Holacracy, Sociocracy, Teal and Beta Codex friendly

Multiple apps to match the current needs of your organization

✔ Product and customer service offered in 7 languages

Free guest accounts available

Entirely customizable map with colors, views and denominations

Take your map to the next level of intelligence. Activate an app today.

The Peerdom App Store provides additional functionality that matches the current needs of your organisation.
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Peerdom is hosted on 100% green-matching energy.

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Serious about data privacy

We do not and will not share your data with third parties.

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No vendor lock-in

Export or delete your data at any time.