Goals App

Measure what matters. Aim high with the Goals App.

KPIs, OKRs, SMART goals, MBOs: you can set them all in Peerdom. Make your goals meaningful and visible by displaying them on your map.

We're all in this together!

Sharing goals transparently can increase accountability and commitment to achieve them. Strategic goals are set at team (group) or role level, so that even collaborative goals have clear owners.

Keep an eye on the prize

Ambitious goals are not so scary anymore once you break them down in smaller chunks. Define subgoals and a timeframe to check in on your progress and make adjustments; then let the map layer and a simple color code inform you about your advance in no time.

Great goals are measurable

Put the M in SMART. Peerdom lets you track goals as a percentage, target amounts, or as an incomplete/complete task. Our system is compatible with KPI and OKR goal frameworks.

The Goals App is even more powerful with...

the Journal App

When was the last milestone achieved? Who fine-tuned the subgoals? Store your goals' history with the Journal App and access insightful information at all times.

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the Network App

Share goals with other organisations in your network and achieve them together. Our confidentiality feature also lets you keep objectives private.

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the Drafts App

Do you have an alternative vision for your structure? Are you looking to create a new role? Set goals in your drafts at company or individual level to smooth the transition.

Learn more about the Drafts App