Elections App

Sociocracy votes made easy with the Elections App.

Make peer-to-peer elections easy for sociocracy and other organizational forms. Try out the Elections App today for a little more democracy.

Visualize electable roles

The Elections App clearly indicates which roles are electable roles on your map, so you can take the cyclical aspect of a role into account in your planning.

Making history

Peer-to-peer elections are an important part of sociocratic organizations. Peerdom documents past elected peers and roles and sets the base for continuous improvement.

Convenient reminders

Peerdom automatically sends you reminders for upcoming elections, so you're certain to always be up to date in your government processes.

The Elections App is even more powerful with...

the Journal App

Look back on all your past election processes in the Journal App, and get insights on other correlated events such as goal setting, project development and contribution changes.

Learn more about the Journal App