Drafts App

Experiment different organization forms with the Drafts App.

Finding the perfect visualization for your oganization takes time. The Drafts App allows you to easily (co-)create alternatives to your current organizational form.

Explore endless possibilities

Use the Drafts App to imagine your organization with and without certain circles, roles, or partners in your network. Peerdom also makes it easy to switch between nested or unnested circle views, so you get to choose what alternative fits your organization best.

Create now, publish later

Start from scratch or copy your live map to start experimenting with drafts. When you're ready, you get to choose exactly when you publish it as the new live map – or if you don't, thanks to our archive feature!

Some privacy, please!

Your draft maps can be hidden or shared with others. The Drafts App gives you a playground to experiment in privacy and let your ideas mature before you present them to others in your organization.

The Drafts App is even more powerful with...

the Goals App

The Drafts app also allows you to explore alternatives on goal setting. Copy your goals from your live map and modify them as needed in your drafts – without impacting the live goals!

Learn more about the Goals App