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What's coming next?

  • Single sign-on. Synchronise peers and log in accounts with your Google Workspace
  • Directory. Browse and explore your colleagues' profiles in a centralised contact book.
  • Search. Search and isolate the right roles, peers, circles, and descriptions

Monday, October 19th

  • ✨ Journal app ✨

    The Journal is here. A stream of all ongoing changes in your Peerdom. Ultimately, it's a transparent decision log for your organisation.

  • 💖 Feedback templates 💖

    Organisations can now create a feedback template to inspire role reviews in the Feedback app.

  • 💖 Optionally inform a peer about their access rights 💖

    When changing a peer's access rights, you can now choose whether or not to notify them by mail.

Friday, October 2nd

  • ✨ Feedback app ✨

    We're happy to introduce a new app to the Peerdom app ecosystem: a role-to-role, peer-to-peer Feedback app. Peers can send one another role reviews through the perspective of another role.

Thursday, September 17th

  • 💖 Add a peer, but only inform them later 💖

    Invite your peers to Peerdom only when it makes sense. You now have the option to choose whether you inform them by email or not.

Wednesday, September 2nd

  • 💖 Resend an invitation 💖

    You can now resend Peerdom invitations to peers who may have been too busy to join the adventure before their activation link expired.

  • ✨ Claim your Peerdom address ✨

    When creating a new organisation, you can now claim your favorite Peerdom address (e.g.

Wednesday, August 19th

  • ✨ Azure AD single sign-on (SSO) is here! ✨

    Your team no longer has to create yet another account on yet another service. Use pre-existing log in information from your organisation's Microsoft Azure database to log in to Peerdom and synchronise peers. Contact us to get it set up!

    Screenshot that shows how one can write an email to circle or role

Thursday, August 6th

  • ✨ Contact peers, roles, and entire circles in a single click ✨

    Email your colleagues with shortcuts to e-mail all role holders or circle members. This requires that all of your colleagues have provided their email address on their profile.

    Screenshot that shows how one can write an email to circle or role
  • ✨ Can't find that peer? ✨

    Now you can add a peer directly during role assignment.

    Screenshot that shows how one can add a new peer directly in the peer holder selection
  • ✨ Hey there, Spanky! ✨

    We've added the ability to call your peers by a nickname. Enable this optional feature by contacting us.

Wednesday, July 22th

  • ✨ Peer permissions are here ✨

    Provide access rights that fit your situation. Peers can now be categorised as a view-only member, a content editor, or an administrator of your Peerdom.

    Screenshot that shows how a peer can change the user rights of another peer
  • ✨ Edit your own profile ✨

    Who needs to be an editor anyways? All Peerdom members can now edit their own profile to change their name, email or avatar.

Wednesday, June 24th

  • 💖 Immediately find peers while assigning roles 💖

    We've made it much easier to add a peer to a role. By typing the peer's name, you can search and immediately isolate the right peer for the role.

    A demonstration of adding a role holder by searching and isolating a peer by typing in their name.

Thursday, June 11th

  • ✨ Change how peers can access your map ✨

    If you have "editor" rights on a map, you can now change any peer's access rights to be view-only or editor.

  • 💖 Quickly see which roles are electable 💖

    Electable roles are now visually highlighted with an arrow on the map, and a tag in the role inspector. We've also made it obvious if a role holder is within term (green text) or if new elections should take place (red text).

    A view of a circle with several electable roles. Electable roles are visually marked with an arrow.

Thursday, May 28th

  • ✨ Electable roles are here ✨

    Make your organisation more democratic by marking a role as "electable". Electable roles allow you to specify an elected term limit for its role holders.

    Screenshot showing electable parameter for a role
  • 💖 Preview formatted text in the role/circle description editor 💖

    We've improved the text editor so that you can now preview your Markdown or HTML text formatting before saving.

    Animation showing preview of formatted text in editor

Wednesday, May 13th

  • ✨ Invite your peers! ✨

    When you add a peer to your map, you can now enter their e-mail address to send them an invitation to join Peerdom!

    Invite a peer to Peerdom!
  • 💖 A new way to format text in the circle/role description 💖

    You can now format role and circle description text (e.g. in the Notes section) with Markdown. If you prefer, HTML is still possible!

    A screenshot of markdown code in the role editor for the Notes section.

Wednesday, April 29th

  • ✨ A gorgeous new interface ✨

    Peerdom just got more beautiful. We've cleaned up quite a bit and put on fresh coat of paint. Get creative as you map your organisation upon Peerdom's brand-new, neutral and natural tones.

  • ✨ Get down to work with the Projects app ✨

    The newest member to our toolkit is the Peerdom Projects app, a space for you to track operational projects such as "Host annual conference" or "Revamp website". Put simply, the Projects app keeps track of your ongoing work. As for all Peerdom apps, if you're interested in activating this module, get in touch with us.

  • 💖 Representative roles now stand out 💖

    In a previous release we made it possible to set a role as a representative of a circle. Representative roles now visually "pop out" of your map with a spherical gradient texture! You can also easily identify these special roles in the inspector (right hand side) with the "Representative" tag underneath the role title.

Thursday, March 26th

  • ✨ Customise role and circle definitions ✨

    The Peerdom Customisation app just got a lot more powerful: you can now tailor role and circle definitions to match your organisation's needs. Do you want your circles to have a special Budget, Milestones, or KPI section? Does your Holocracy or Sociocracy org design require sections for Domains or Policies? With the Customisation app, you can now add, rename or remove sections to your ❤️'s content. This change is not yet available through the editing interface, so if you're interested, contact us.

  • 💖 Unfilled roles are now striped 💖

    One of the most important features in Peerdom is the ability to quickly see which roles are unfilled across your entire organisation. Previously, unfilled roles (roles without a holder) were greyed-out, irrespective of their color settings. We've now made it so that they maintain their color settings and rather become striped (literally unfilled in color).

Tuesday, March 3rd

  • ✨ Customise fundamental Peerdom terms ✨

    We're thrilled to add the Peerdom Customisation app to our toolbelt! Peerdom typically defines "peers" who hold "roles" within "circles". If your organisation uses special terminology, you can now change these terms. For example, rename peers to colleagues, roles to positions, circles to teams, and representatives to leaders - or whatever you want! This change is not yet available to through the editing interface, so if you're interested in customising the Peerdom base terms, contact us.

Thursday, February 13th

  • ✨ Ha det så roligt! ✨

    🇸🇪 Peerdom finns nu på svenska! 🇸🇪

  • ✨ Peerdom documentation is available ✨

    We'd like to lend a helping hand. Check out the first version of our Peerdom product documentation. Access it directly from the "Help" link at the bottom of the right-hand column.

  • 💖 Direct access to a peer's profile 💖

    You can now directly access a peer's profile by selecting them (right column) and clicking on their image at the top-right of the map. Previously, the only way to get there was by clicking on their name in the peer menu.

Thursday, January 30th

  • ✨ Designate representative roles ✨

    If your organisation has roles with a special status (e.g. team leader, guide, representative, lead link, etc) you can now set them as circle representatives. You can see representative roles as having special decision-making accountabilities or responsibility to speak on behalf of the circle in super-circles.

Monday, January 6th

  • ✨ Map external circles ✨

    Your organisation is the centerpiece of Peerdom, but you don't exist in a vacuum. Map out your full ecosystem with external circles. External circles appear outside of your organisation's main circle and can be used to collect external roles for complex external entities such as a board of directors, suppliers, and partners.

Monday, December 23rd (2019)

  • ✨ Share your map ✨

    Sharing is caring. Inspire others with your sexy organisation design, make it transparent who is responsible for what, and expose your map to whoever you'd like outside of your organisation. You can now create a private, shareable link that provides view-only access to your map.

Wednesday, December 11th (2019)

  • ✨ Map external roles ✨

    One of life's unanswered philosophical mysteries asks: are we defined by the sum of our insides? Or are we rather defined by whatever is left over after describing everything outside of us? No need to lose sleep over this puzzle, now you can define both. External roles appear outside of your organisation's main circle. They are a great way to represent external freelancers, auditors, bookkeepers, and temp workers.

Thursday, December 5th (2019)

  • ✨ Change your profile picture ✨

    Your peer profile image can now be uploaded or changed. Now go show your beautiful face to other peers!

    Upload and set your peer profile image.
  • ✨ Copy/duplicate circles and roles ✨

    Quickly create new roles or circles by starting from a previous description. Circles and roles can now be easily copied to other locations on the map. This saves an enormous amount of editing time!

  • ✨ Create mirrored roles ✨

    When you copy/duplicate a role into a mirrored copy, every change in that role will be automatically synced between all of the other mirrored roles of its kind. No more repetitive editing work for common roles!

Thursday, October 17th (2019)

  • ✨ Move roles and circles ✨

    Mapping has become even more rapid. You can now easily move roles and circles to any other location on your map.

    Move a role or circle by clicking edit and selecting the destination circle.

Friday, September 20th (2019)

  • ✨ Change a role or circle's colour ✨

    Get colorful and personalise your map! You might want certain roles or circles to visually stick out from all the rest. You can now do this by choosing their colour.

    Easily change the colour of your role by going into the role settings

Friday, August 2nd (2019)

  • ✨ Laten we het vieren! ✨

    🇳🇱 Peerdom is nu beschikbaar in het Nederlands! 🇳🇱

  • 💖 Cleaner overview of circle and sub-circle members 💖

    In the right-hand column, you can now explicitly see which peers hold a role in the currently selected circle vs which peers hold a role in its sub-circles!

    While zooming in and out, you can see how the right bar shows different peers within the current circle and in the sub-circles

Tuesday, July 2nd (2019)

  • ✨ Lightning fast editing! ✨

    One small step for mankind... but one big step for Peerdom toward reactivity and speed! Now you can update map content in real-time. Edit roles, circles and peers and see your changes immediately.

Thursday, November 22nd (2018)

  • ✨ Unfilled roles are highlighted ✨

    A birds-eye view of which roles have no holders is useful in two ways: 1) team members can immediately understand where they can best contribute by filling in the gaps and 2) you can observe where you might need to seek help. Roles without holders are now easily seen: they are greyed out and have a dashed circumference.

  • ✨ Quickly see how many roles a peer holds ✨

    Get a quick understanding of how roles are distributed across your organisation. The peer menu now shows how many roles each peer holds and highlights peers who currently hold no roles.

Tuesday, September 18th (2018)

  • ✨ La vie est belle ✨

    🇫🇷 Peerdom est maintenant disponible en français. 🇫🇷

  • ✨ Auf geht's! ✨

    🇩🇪 Peerdom ist jetzt auf Deutsch verfügbar. 🇩🇪

  • ✨ Peerdom goes mobile ✨

    Take your responsibilities with you wherever you go! You can now view your map comfortably from mobile devices. Check who's responsible for what from anywhere by consulting your map from your 📱.

Tuesday, July 31st (2018)

  • ✨ Edit your map together ✨

    It's better together. Now you can edit your Peerdom map simultaneously with your colleagues!

Tuesday, July 3rd (2018)

  • ✨ Edit your map ✨

    Until now, we had to work with you to draw out your map. Now we've given you all the tools necessary to map out your organisation alone. 🎉

Thursday, April 26th (2018)

  • ✨ See which roles a peer holds ✨

    One of the most useful features in Peerdom is the ability to quickly see where each peer is involved across the whole organisation. Now, by clicking on a peer's profile image, you will see all of their roles become highlighted on the map!

Wednesday, January 31th (2018)

  • ✨ Peerdom version 1.0.0 is out! ✨

    Let the adventure begin!