Peerdom Webinars

We're organising Webinars every 8 to 10 weeks together with our companions. Those cover various topics and are organised as such:

  • First 45 minutes held by a companion to speak about an organisational challenge
  • Second 45 minutes held by a Peerdom peer to show how the software can help in these regards

Upcoming Webinars

Companion Ted Rau and Nathan Evans will be discussing this topic. More information to come.

February 2023 - Tips to draft and implement organizational change

Registrations are open right now! Sign up for our FREE 1h Webinar on Thursday, Feb. 23rd (16-17:00 CET).

Image showing an illustration of drafting a plan on a map, as well as the faces of the two speakers: Eliana and Nathan

In this webinar, Companion Eliana Hohl and Peerdom Co-Founder Nathan Evans will discuss:

  • Signs of when change is due in your organization
  • Ideas of new ways to work together
  • When and how to expose change proposals
  • The pros and cons of incremental vs. large re-orgs
  • The power of Appreciative Inquiry: imagining what could be

This is your opportunity to ask an expert how to kick-start your change projects. We'll also demonstrate parts of Peerdom that support envisioning, such as alternative role maps in the Drafts App.

Past Webinars

November 2022 - Work in Roles

In a collaboration between Peerdom and org coach/companion Marc Wethmar, you'll learn expert tips on how to:

  • Define clear job roles and responsibilities
  • Assign roles by self-assignment, nomination, delegation
  • Decide who has the right to modify roles
  • Review roles to keep them up-to-date

With Nathan Evans, you'll get a walkthrough of the Peerdom software, learning how to:

  • Add, group, and assign roles
  • Define special (mirrored, representative) roles
  • Use color for increased map readability
  • Identify role vacancies and gaps
  • Make a role electable (Elections app)

August 2022 - First steps with Peerdom

For the first 45 minutes, Jelco de Jong introduces the opportunities and risks of organizational transformation, in a fun and energetic presentation.

During the last 45 minutes, you will learn with Alex Margot how to:

  • Adapt your organizational structure to circles and roles
  • Use mirrored roles and representative roles to map similarities and hierarchy
  • Use apps to attach OKRs, draft alternative structures or request feedback from peers
  • Switch views to observe your organization under a different light