Peerdom | Role mapping software that helps you visualise your organisation, its roles, and its purpose

See your organisation
as you’ve never seen it before.

Peerdom helps you visualise and interact with your organisational structure to create a workplace where individuals take ownership of their work, take pride in it, and ultimately, do better work.

Why Peerdom?

Visualise your organisation

Peerdom displaying an entire organisastion
  • Let everyone see and situate themselves in the bigger picture

  • Easily orient and onboard newcomers into your organisation

  • Share your organisational structure with the outside world

Collaborate smoothly

Peerdom displaying one circle and information about its team
  • Create shared understanding of who does what, why, and when
  • Gain clarity by making explicit who can and should make which decisions
  • Reflect changes immediately: update your map with just three clicks

Start simple and adapt

Peerdom displaying the easy admin tool
  • Use only what you need: Peerdom doesn’t require you to commit to the full package of complex organisational models
  • Adapt it to your needs: Peerdom is lightweight and modular, meant to evolve with you
  • Tell us what you need: We collaborate closely with our clients to define new features

Have a look at our demo instance of Peerdom to get a feel for how you might visualise your organisation.


Yearly, save 10%


per peer/month


EUR 4.50

per peer/month

Please contact us for special rates in your currency, NGO or charity reductions, large-scale enterprise, or on-premise pricing.

What our clients say...

Picture of Bernard Dupasquier

“Peerdom perfectly meets our needs: lightweight and very easy to use, it allows us to see our organisation as we have never seen it before.”

Bernard DuPasquier, Director at Bread for all

“Finally! I see how this will be a game changer for our Velocracy model and our collaboration in the circles.”

Michel Ducommun, Director at Velafrica

Picture of Michel Ducommun
Picture of Christophe Barman

"Peerdom is a user-friendly tool that helped us make our organizational model tangible. Our 90+ Loycomates got used to it in only a few days and new employees say they are immediately oriented, in contrast to what took them years in their previous organisations!"

Christophe Barman, Ex-CEO at Loyco

Client Logo of Bread For All Client Logo of Loyco Client Logo of Velafrica

Peerdom coaching

Taking advantage of years of experience practicing self-organisation and supporting other progressive organisations, we offer customised on-site or remote presentations, Q&A sessions, and individual coaching. Tell us where you stand in your organisational journey and we’ll tailor the best possible experience for you.

 Contact us directly, or get in touch with one of our official Peerdom Companions.

Nathan Coaching Peerdom during a workshop Nathan Coaching Peerdom during a workshop

“Peerdom means rethinking outdated industrial-age patterns and starting a liberating journey to self-organisation. I'm passionate about helping you on your journey.”

Nathan Evans, Founding member of Peerdom

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