Peerdom Polaroid Drawing a map

Peerdom Map

Visualise. Collaborate. Adapt.

Peerdom Map is simple: it allows you to create, visualise, and dynamically interact with your organisational structure.

Visualising your organisation not only allows everyone to better understand their role(s), it also enables you to clarify where, how, and by whom decisions should be taken. In our experience, this leads to peers taking full ownership of their work so that your organisation grows and evolves organically.


As a visualisation tool, Peerdom Map is not tied to a particular organisational dogma. Regardless of whether you use (parts of) Sociocracy, Holacracy, or something else altogether, Peerdom Map is lightweight, modular and can be adapted to your specific situation.

Peerdom Map is scalable and can be used in both small and large organisations—indeed, we've seen it used for small startup teams of fewer than ten, and established enterprises of nearly a hundred peers.

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