Integrations & API



Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log in with a single set of credentials to access multiple corporate apps, websites, and data. It provides better security and password standardization, eliminating the need to create new accounts for every service. With SSO, users can log in to Peerdom using a familiar username and password.

Login to Peerdom with SSO

  • Case 1: You have already entered email addresses in Peerdom

If the email address already exists in Peerdom, you can log in to the standard login form at Peerdom detects SSO logins and automatically redirects to the Google Workspace login (SP initiated SSO).

  • Case 2: You have not yet entered email addresses in Peerdom

If the email address does not yet exist in Peerdom, please log in at or Following the first log in, Peerdom will mark the email address as a Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure SSO account, and future log in attempts can be made at the standard login form at

Setting up Microsoft Azure (teams) SSO

Check our detailed documentation.

Setting up Google Workspace SSO

Check our detailed documentation.

Synchronize custom data from your external directory

If you're synchronizing your Peerdom peer directory to an external directory (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace), you can automatically import additional peer information from the directory. For example, you may import a peer's phone number or geographic region. Please reach out to our team to import custom data.


Organisations may use the Peerdom's RESTful API as an additional way to interact with their organisational data managed within Peerdom.


The endpoints of the API always operate within the context of a single organisation. For this reason, most if not all API endpoints are protected and require an API key to be accessed successfully.

Please contact our team to request an API key for your organisation.