Projects App

Project and team management in the same place.

Assemble the perfect project team from your role list and visualize your project portfolio on your Peerdom map. Experience efficiency, by design.

Your projects, right where your team is

Get a real-time view on what's keeping your team busy. See all your ongoing projects and their tied roles in Peerdom – and once you're done, access your project archive anytime.

Efficient working groups only

Ever wondered "why am I even in this meeting"? Avoid inefficiency with service-oriented architecture: Peerdom makes sure every role added to a project is actually required.

The Projects App is even more powerful with...

the Journal App

Did the ownership of a project change ? Which job has the priority in the pipeline? The Journal App keeps tabs on your projects for better cross-organisational information.

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the Network App

Sometimes, your network has the best talent for a certain task. That's why projects can be tackled with roles outside of your organisation.

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