Journal App

Keep track of decisions and changes inside the Journal App.

Navigating organizational oceans can be tricky. That's why we've given the Peerdom map a logbook to look back on and learn from.

What's new?

The Journal App provides your organization with a shared newsfeed of all activity across your organisation. See elections, achieved goals, contribution changes and many more: The more apps you use, the more intelligence is added to your journal!

Complete transparency

Every update is attributed to a peer, documented with a timestamp, and linked to its modification. Never skip an important decision or achievement – plus, you'll know who to congratulate.

Observe your team's growth

The Journal App adds a list of previously held roles to peers' profiles. New talents can discover the previous role holders for mentorship, reach out to the person accountable for a certain decision, and every peer can look back on their evolution for inspiration.

The Journal App is even more powerful with...

the Goals App

When was the last milestone achieved? Who fine-tuned the subgoals? Store your goals' history with the Journal App and access insightful information at all times.

Learn more about the Goals App

the Insights App

The Insights App will automatically install the Journal App to access historical data. The Journal App allows you to track other important milestones of your organization.

Learn more about the Insights App

the Projects App

Did the ownership of a project change ? Which job has the priority in the pipeline? The Journal App keeps tabs on your projects for better cross-organisational information.

Learn more about the Projects App

the Contribution App

The Contribution App and the Journal App work together to document contribution changes for each peer. Look back on contribution history and see peer evolution within the organization.

Learn more about the Contribution App

the Elections App

Look back on all your past election processes in the Journal App, and get insights on other correlated events such as goal setting, project development and contribution changes.

Learn more about the Elections App