Insights App

Employee turnover rate, made easy. Try the Insights App today.

Calculating staff turnover and retention rate becomes easy with Peerdom. Take advantage of your historical data for better HR decision-making.

Add the Insights overlay to your Peerdom map and benefit from a clear visual feedback on turnover. Seeing which roles suffer from high turnover is the first step towards reducing employee exits.

Improve employee retention rate

Take notes comparing roles with low and high turnover. Can you better distribute the workload? Is a higher contribution needed? Answer these questions and minimze the negative financial and operational impact of employee turnover.

Insightful hiring and letting go

It's easy to let feedback slip, especially when multiple hirings and dismissals happen at the same time (we're looking at you Grand Resignation). The Insights App makes it easy to capture insightful information on which accountabilities are most often left behind by exiting peers, and which gaps need to be filled.

The Insights App is even more powerful with...

the Journal App

The Insights App will automatically install the Journal App to access historical data. The Journal App allows you to track other important milestones of your organization.

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the Contribution App

The Contribution App allows you to observe your organization's turnover rates under the light of potential workload inbalance.

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