Contribution App

Where does your time go? Get insights with the Contribution App.

The Contribution App lets you add your contribution as percentage, hours per week or FTE to each one of your roles. Communicate your availability effectively to your peers for better teamwork.

Is your plate too full?

Checking the sum of your contributions against your total contribution helps you keep yourself in check: have you been taking on too many accountabilities? The Contribution feature on your personal profile lets you revisit your priorities.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Clicking a circle or a role on your core map provides information on the total contribution of the team. Teams can decide together if they need more resources.

Enhance your salary system

Did you know the Contribution App was actually a feature of Greenpeace's custom Salary App? Peerdom offers opportunities to adapt the app to your salary system.

The Contribution App is even more powerful with...

the Journal App

The Contribution App and the Journal App work together to document contribution changes for each peer. Look back on contribution history and see peer evolution within the organization.

Learn more about the Journal App