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About us

The peers behind Peerdom

We are a group of passionate peers and avid explorers searching for new ways to collaborate. Our mission is to help organisations evolve as decentralised, purpose-driven collectives of peers. You can find a live overview of our organisation by looking at our own instance of Peerdom Map.

We’re always up for a chat. Whether you’re dreaming about a more purpose-driven way of working together, or fleshing out revolutionary ideas, don’t hesitate to send us an email at

A product of passion

Peerdom Map arose organically from a real-world case: our own organisational transformation at Nothing, our parent company, in 2017. Ever since, we’ve been using Peerdom Map on a daily basis. If you want to get a grasp of how we use Peerdom Map at Nothing, feel free to peek at the circle and role structure in Nothing’s Peerdom Map.

Influence and inspiration

In creating Peerdom Map, we have drawn inspiration from a variety of sources:

However, Peerdom—as well as our own organisational design—is not specifically associated with an organisational dogma with fixed rules and procedures. We consider it a starting point that is meant to evolve based on specific organisational needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.


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